Montabert Hydraulic Breaker Maintenance and Care

Montabert Rock Breaker Parts and ServiceAny machinery you purchase represents a significant investment for the business, and as such requires proper, regular maintenance to minimise downtime and ensure safe operation. Daily and periodic maintenance are vital for the ongoing lifespan of any machinery, and Monty Products’ range of Montabert Rock Breakers, Surface Drills and Drifters are no different. For day-to-day operation, Montabert recommends the following maintenance checks be performed at the beginning and end of each shift:

  • Visual inspection. Check welds for possible cracks on the bracket cap, cradle, tool, and boom (do not weld on the cradle without checking with your dealer).
  • Check for loose nuts and bolts in the bracket cap, suspension, accumulator, side plates, tie rods and the wear plates.
  • The tool retainer(s). When replacing tool retainer(s), always replace them in sets and rotate them equally. (Service hint: Mark the ends of the retainers to keep track of the rotation order.)
  • Hydraulic system. Hydraulic ball valves and quick couplers may be a source of erratic performance and/or cause a rise in hydraulic temperature. Ensure they are 100% open, in good condition, and not leaking oil. Continuously check for oil leaks and any rise in the oil temperature.
  • Excessive oil leakage down the tool. This is an indication of worn or damaged seals that need to be replaced.

Montabert recommends performing the following periodic maintenance checks every 100 hours, or more often in severe conditions:

  • Remove the tool and all grease from the chuck housing.
  • Do not use a pressure washer, steam, or solvents as they damage the seals.
  • Check for chips or cracks inside the housing and on bushing surfaces. Cracks and chips could indicate that lubrication is insufficient, grease type is not appropriate, black-firing and side-loading is occurring, or the breaker is being operated improperly.
  • Check for wear on tool retainers. Examine the shoulders and side surfaces. If they are worn or deformed, rotate or replace as required.
  • Check wear on bushing. Replace the tool, bushing, or both when the combined wear exceeds 4 mm or 3/16”. Some bushings are grooved to provide even grease distribution; light range breakers come with a wear gauge. Replace the bushings when the grooves are worn through. Excessive bushing wear causes tool misalignment to the piston, causing premature breaker failure.
  • Replace damaged or worn parts. Wipe all components clean, including the lubrication port. Hand-grease the tool shank and inside the chuck bushings before placing it back into the breaker

Monty Products Australia’s servicing team is fully qualified and experienced to perform small and large repairs, servicing and maintenance, both at our workshop and on-site if required. Our experienced service team provides a superior service and maintenance program to offer peace-of-mind to the ongoing operation of your machinery.


Why use Drum Cutters for Demolition

Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters

When it comes to demolition, the most direct solution may not be the best one. In built up areas, near buildings containing vibration sensitive equipment or in environmentally sensitive areas the use of heavy hydraulic breakers is limited and in some cases, impossible. In these environmentally sensitive areas the use of Drum Cutters, both traverse and longitudinal are important attachments in the range of tools at the demolition contractor’s disposal.

Drum Cutters us a low energy method of impact resulting in low noise and vibration. Production rates are relatively high compared to hydraulic breakers, particularly in softer materials. Unlike breakers, Drum Cutters grind through the concrete creating a material with a small particle size. This material can be recycled without any need for additional crushing or processing. The savings can be even higher if the broken material has to be transported offsite for recycling. For concrete containing rebar, Drum Cutters have the strength to overcome the tensile strength of the steel bar, or can be used to expose the steel bar for cutting.

Over time concrete loses much of its integrity or aesthetics through weathering or contamination by water and other substances. In these circumstances, it is necessary to remove a layer or concrete without damaging the rest of the structure and for this, the drum cutter is ideal. In situations where accuracy is vital to remove concrete to a certain depth, the Patch Planer is the ideal tool.

Cutter wheel attachments are used where large sections of concrete need to be cut into smaller sections for rapid removal from the site. They are an alternative to diamond cutting disks or diamond wire and does not require a lot of time for setup and relocation. The cutter wheel is extremely flexible, being able to work on any horizontal or vertical surface within reach of the excavator’s arm.

As the Australian distributor for the German engineered and manufactured Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters, Monty Products has the right advice for your requirements

Monty Products in Perth, Western Australia are the Australian distributor for German engineered Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters and are ready with expert advice on choosing the right equipment for your requirements.


Montabert Hydraulic Drifter

Montabert Hydraulic Drifters

Monty Products supplies only the best and advanced equipment to the mining and construction sector, and our Montabert hydraulic drifters are no exception. Montabert drifters are the result of years of experience in hydraulic rock breakers and drifter design and manufacturing.

Deep knowledge in shock wave transmission and percussion mechanism theory have allowed Montabert engineers to be the first to develop concepts such as hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy.

Montabert hydraulic drifters are recognised worldwide for high performance, reliability, long maintenance intervals and low tool consumption.


Montabert’s Progressive Blow Energy technology is provided by the unique trapezoidal shape of the drifter’s piston generating a perfect long shockwave. This allows for better transmission of energy at the couplings, minimum stress into the drilling rods, and better bit penetration.

The Hydraulic Dampening system absorbs the lost part of the reflected energy and ensures a constant thrust onto the tools. This has the knock-on effect of extending the lift of striking bars, optimum shockwave transmission, protection of the drifter and tools, and reduced vibrations.

Montabert drifters feature an Energy Recovery Valve that allows the piston rebound energy to be utilised for the next blow. This results in better efficiency, no internal peak of pressure source or cavitation, and superior protection for the drifter.

Monty Products are the official distributor of Montabert rock breakers and drifters in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, offering surface and underground drilling equipment across Australia. To find out more about Montabert drifter parts, servicing and repairs, head to the products page, or contact the sales team at Monty Products today.


Montabert Compact Series Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker

Montabert Hydraulic Breaker

For smaller jobs, the Montabert Compact Series Hydraulic Breakers provides the versatility and productivity to accomplish multiple tasks with a single carrier, a single operator, and a single attachment. The Compact Series Breakers are designed for use on skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and mini/mid-size excavators.

The Compact Series consists of nine models, weighing 60 to 500kg, for 0.7 to 12 tonne machines – there is at least one breaker for any compact carrier. These breakers are very tolerant to back pressure and can face all existing hydraulic systems with their internal pressure regulation. They can take up to 35 bar backpressure, meaning there isn’t a mini-excavator on which a Compact Series can’t be mounted. For ease of operation breakers in the Compact Series, line has blank fire protection to take the pressure off the operator.

Blow energy is made for breaking rocks, not your excavators or your ears. Compact Series breakers are shock mounted breakers, protecting the excavator boom and breaker housing from cracks while working with very low sound levels. The fully enclosed, soundproof cradle reduces vibrations transferred to the carrier and limits noise on the worksite.

Maintenance and overhaul are quick and easy because of fewer wear parts and no tie robs; bushing, pins, and tools can be easily replaced in the field without removing the breaker from the carrier.

Monty Products is the official distributor for Montabert Rockbreakers in Western Australia/Northern Territory and provides capital sales, spare parts, and technical service for Montabert products. To learn more about the Compact Series of Rockbreakers or anything else from the Montabert range follow the link to our Products page, or contact the sales team at Monty Products.


Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters

Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters

Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters

Monty Products prides itself in providing a wide range of high-quality equipment for the construction, demolition, and earthmoving industries, with service and expertise to match. For specialised applications, Monty Products are an Australian distributor of the complete range of German engineered Erkat Rotary Drum Cutters. Whether in construction, the steel industry, mining, tunneling, forestry, demolition or trenching applications, these machines provide an alternative when conventional methods fail or become uneconomical. One of the key features of Erkat Drum Cutters is their quiet, low vibration operation that allows them to be used in environmentally sensitive areas, or in areas where extra care is required. The Rotary Drum Cutter is particularly effective as a concrete or rock cutter, or other hard surfaces such as limestone and asphalt.

Erkat cutter heads are designed to provide the optimum cutting power at the recommended rotation speeds. They guarantee a smooth cutting action while providing each pick with the maximum cutting power to penetrate the rock. The drum cutters use extremely large spur gears driven by high torque hydraulic motors. The gear wheels are so robust the drum cutters can be used in the most difficult conditions without risk of failure. The ERU (Erkat Rotation Unit) Series drum cutters are the perfect tool for heavy duty tunneling, trenching and concrete renovation applications. Continuous, infinite rotation allows the drum cutter to be correctly aligned for every cutting requirement.

Erkat offers a complete range of both transverse and longitudinal drum cutters for excavators ranging from 3-150 tons. With many units operating all over Australasia in a wide variety of different applications, the team at Monty Products Australia are well placed to find the right Rotary Drum Cutters solution for every application.

Have you been considering using an Erkat drum cutter or have traditional approaches to surface cutting failed? Monty Products can advise you on the right equipment for the job.
Send an inquiry or call us today to speak to one of our consultants on +61 8 9248 7007.


PneuVibe Compactors

PneuVibe’s series of boom mounted compactor plates offer models suitable for a wide range of applications. From working in narrow trenches to large backfill operations while providing the most efficient means for vertical and inclined compaction, the PneuVibe CP Series Hydraulic Compactor Plates are a must have excavator attachment.

Whether you own a small backhoe or a large crawler excavator, it is simple to connect PneuVibe compactor plates to your machine’s existing hydraulic system, or even easier if you have existing hammer piping.

The vibration that is produced by rotating eccentric weights, combined with the downwards pressure of the carrier boom, generates compaction force that can be placed wherever your boom will reach. This enables you to compact most soil types to required density levels inefficient lift capacities.

Engineered For Optimum Performance And Durability

  1. Rubber vibration mounts are angled to the base so that the pressure exerted by the boom on the top plate causes the mounts to convert from a shear to a compression mode (Patented System).The system ensures increased elastomer life and minimises vibration transmitted to the boom, thus reducing wear on the pins and bushes of the excavator.
  2. The hydraulic motor and hoses are positioned within the protective cradle to prevent them being snagged or damaged on trench walls.The hydraulic hoses are covered with an anti-abrasion wrap for maximum flexibility and durability.
  3. Engineered for easy, direct attachment to existing hydraulic hammer mounting heads. This time-saving system is ideal for use with quick hitch arrangements. A multi-setting, 360º swivel head attachment is also available.
  4. Built-in priority valve system monitors the oil flow, providing the correct volume to obtain maximum performance by the compaction plate and avoiding damage to the hydraulic motor due to excessive flow.

Introducing the CP400T – Twin Rotor Compactor

PneuVibe Compactors

PneuVibe Compactors

PneuVibe’s CP400T twin rotor compactor is ideally suited to heavy post driving, although is easily adaptable to sheet and rail driving. The new design can incorporate a hydraulic clamp fitted to the base plate. The CP400T offers the standard high-quality PneuVibe features such as angled mounts for longer life and added performance, inbuilt hydraulic loop and internal check valve for bi-directional hydraulic systems, and priority valving to maintain correct speed.

To enquire about the PnueVibe range contact the team at Monty Products Australia today!


OILQUICK Automatic Quick Coupler Systems

OilQuick Automatic Coupler Systems

When it comes to minimising costs and downtime, being able to transition between jobs quickly is essential. If you’re planning on purchasing new machinery or are considering how to utilise your current plant equipment in an effective and efficient manner, look no further than our Automatic Quick Coupler Systems by OilQuick.

OilQuick is an automatic quick coupler system for wheel loaders, forklifts, cranes and excavators, which allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected directly from the driver’s cab. By making the tool change quick and easy downtime is reduced and a single loader can effectively do the work of multiple machines. The operator can change between various work tools within a few seconds, such as log forks, high dumping buckets, pallet forks with hydraulic tine adjustment, sweepers, bale clamps, rotating bale clamps etc. You always therefore have the right attachment for the job.

OilQuick launched the world’s first quick coupler system on the market in 1993, which is still regarded as the most advanced today. The system is available for wheel loaders from 5 to 33 tonnes, forklifts from 1 to 9 tonnes and excavators from 1 to 120 tonnes. The OilQuick system will not only make your machinery more flexible, competitive and cost effective, but also your business too.

Fast and efficient

The OilQuick quick coupler system enables the operator to change over quickly between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab. As a result, he has the right tool for the job in every situation, can work faster and more efficiently.

Safe quick coupler system

OilQuick quick coupler systems are regarded as the safest on the market. Safety features include a hose break valve, a system for constantly readjusting the locking plungers hydraulically, a lock switch with double function, a warning light and alarm.

Improved working conditions

As work tools are changed and coupled Benefits with OilQuick automatically, the operator does not have to get down from the cab. No more handling of couplings covered in oil or leaving the cab with unnecessary exposure to risks.

More cost effective

Fast tool change and efficient use of the forklift truck help to increase productivity. Experience has shown that investing in an OilQuick quick coupler pays off when you have to change hydraulic work tools one or two times a working day. OQT reduces the number of forklifts you need, which cuts costs considerably.


All OilQuick quick couplers are fitted with leak-free oil quick couplings, which are eco-friendly.

Montabert Heavy Range Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Montabert Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Hydraulic Rock Breakers by Montabert

Monty Products Australia supplies and services Montabert hydraulic rock breakers for the mining and construction industry. Montabert prides itself on the innovations, developments and manufacturing of the most efficient and reliable hydraulic breakers and drifters thanks to the use of high performance technology.

Montabert’s Heavy Range Premium Line hydraulic breakers are used for a variety of applications including demolition work, in mines, pits and for tunnel excavation as well as public works. The heavy range breakers are designed for excavators 18-tonne and larger and as Montabert products can be counted on for high quality, high productivity and unbeatable robustness. The range offers a choice of two systems: one with 15 variable speeds that automatically adjusts to the ground conditions, and the other with two speeds to make maintenance simple and low cost while also increasing productivity.

Latest Rock Breaking Technology

The Heavy Range’s automatic variable speed technology sense changes in material hardness and adjusts impact energy striking rate. This increases productivity based on the application, reduces unnecessary harmful energy back to carrier and breaker to prevent wear on parts and components, and reduces blank-firing. Montabert heavy breakers use the blank firing protection feature to help prevent damage to critical internal components, increasing the lifespan and overall performance.

While Monty Products Australia provides expert servicing for the products me sell, the heavy breaker range is designed to make maintenance less of a chore. Montabert heavy breakers are supplied with a full set of inspection tools, which will help you perform all essential product checks with less time spent on them.

For more information about the Montabert heavy hydraulic rock breaker range contact the team at Monty Products Australia today.