Monty Products Australia supplies the complete range of ERKAT Rotary Drum Cutters. German engineered and manufactured, ERKAT is the world leader in Drum Cutter Technology. Whether in construction, the steel industry, mining, tunnelling, forestry, demolition or trenching applications, these machines provide an alternative when conventional methods fail or become uneconomical. They are versatile, strong, adjustable and reliable machines that operate on a low, quiet vibration setting, making them a hard-working device that can be used in areas that are environmentally sensitive. The Rotary Drum Cutter is particularly effective as a concrete or rock cutter, or other hard surfaces like limestone and asphalt.

ERKAT offer a complete range of both transverse and longitudinal drum cutters for excavators ranging from 3-150 tons. With many units operating all over Australasia in a wide variety of different applications, the team at Monty Products Australia are well placed to find the right Rotary Drum Cutters solution for every application.

Have you been considering using an ERKAT drum cutter or have traditional approaches to surface cutting failed? Monty Products can advise you on the right equipment for the job. Send an inquiry or call us today to speak to one of our consultants on +61 8 9248 7007.

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