Rock Breakers

Bringing large rocks down to size with the Montabert Rock Breaker

Montabert has the reputation for manufacturing the highest quality rock breakers in the world. Our range offers high production, unsurpassed reliability, low maintenance, long working life and innovative features.

There is a Montabert Rock Breaker for every carrier and application.

  • Silver Clip Range: Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoes and Mini Excavators for 0.7 to 12T
  • Medium Range: Large Backhoes and Medium Size Excavators from 12-25 ton
  • Heavy Range: Medium to Large Excavators from 18-100T

A Montabert Rock Breaker will give you:

  • Greater power to weight ratio, allowing the use of lighter carriers for the same output as competitors heavier models
  • Narrow profiled cradle, offering better visibility and manoeuvrability whilst working in tight trenches. A narrow profile means less backfill
  • Three stage piston transmits long shock waves into work for greater productivity
  • Sealed accumulators are fully hydraulic with a diaphragm, offering the longest charge life in the industry
  • V Technology (only on select models) allows the breaker to sense the hardness of the material and adjusts the breaker’s blow energy and frequency, automatically
  • TPS Technology (only on select models)  prevents premature tool breakage, extends the life of upper and lower bushings, along with extending the life and wear on retaining pins
  • Auto lube system (only on select models)  protects the tool and bushings by keeping them lubricated and preventing premature wear
  • Metro silencing is available for sensitive sites where noise restrictions apply
  • Montabert Rock Breakers have the highest resale value in the industry

For high quality rock breakers, contact us today.