Montabert Drifter

Montabert Hydraulic Drifters have proven to be the lowest cost per metre drifter on the market and are easily retro fitted to any underground jumbo or surface drill rig. There are a number of features with the Monabert drifter that contributes to its superior performance and cost efficiency.

Progressive Blow Energy

The design of the piston creates a uniform, long shock wave that assists with higher penetration rates and puts less stress on the drilling rods.

Hydraulic Dampening System

The dampening piston has better efficiency due to the absorption of reflected energy. Also, it maintains an even thrust on the tools, which contributes to lower maintenance costs and maintenance intervals.

Energy Recovery Value

When the piston rebounds after impact, the energy is used for the next blow.

Monty Products Australia (MPA) provides the following Drifter related services:

  • Drifter retro fitting, enabling drilling within one shift
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • Hire and trial drifters and
  • Capital equipment sales and service

For more information on the Montebert Drifter, contact our expert team.

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