Heavy Range V1800 - V4500

Designed for 18 tonne excavators and larger, Montabert’s heavy range hydraulic rock breakers are used for a variety of applications, including demolition, quarrying, mining and excavating.

Power and versatility: whether you are breaking rock or concrete, or are excavating, Montabert hydraulic breakers guarantee optimum performance for all your projects.

Montabert is the only option to protect your investment

  • Maximum protection of the excavator thanks to its patented mechanisms.
  • High resale value due to the longevity and reliability for which Montabert products are famous.

This range offers the choice between two patented systems which guarantee high productivity

  • A system with 15 variable speeds (BRV system) which automatically adjusts to the ground conditions.
  • A system with two automatic speeds (V1200, V1800, V2500, V3500 and V4500), ideal to break up homogeneous materials.
  • Energy chamber acts as hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker
  • Progressive start system prevents slipping by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied
  • Blank-fire protection system reduces damage on all wear parts by providing a cushion of oil that reduces the energy
  • Automatic lubrication system assures the breaker is constantly lubricated to improve life span on wear parts and components
  • Optional equipment includes air pressurization kit for underwater applications, kits for tunneling
  • Automatic pressure regulator ensures hydraulic breaker operation pressure regardless of changes in outdoor temperature and delivering maximum performance across a large range of carriers

The choice of a Montabert hydraulic breaker is an investment which will maximize the profitability of your work. Their reliable design ensures downtime is kept to a minimum, thus minimizing operational costs and lengthening the lifespan of the breaker and the excavator.
For more information about our range of Montabert Rock Breakers contact our team on 08 9248 7007.