Surface Drilling Equipment

Rock Surface Drilling Equipment & Supplies

Monty Products specialises in supplying rock drilling equipment to the mining and drilling industry, providing professional advice and high-quality equipment, including hydraulic drills and supplies. When you go to Monty Products for your drilling equipment, you are enlisting the help of a team with extensive experience in the drilling industry. We have top of the range steadfast drill rigs, surface drill rigs and blast hole drill rigs for sale.

When you work in an industry that requires surface drilling, you rely heavily on the equipment that you use. That’s why you want to work with an experienced and knowledgeable team who understands the industry and the importance of using high quality equipment. If your project requires blast hole drilling or you need drilling rigs of any kind, contact us, we have the experts to advise you and the products to supply.

Our Montabert surface drills are renowned for their reliability, high efficiency and superior performance, and come highly recommended by drillers world-wide.

Montabert CPA Blast Hole Drills are easy to operate and can be adapted to standard excavators ranging from 7 to 50 ton, these drills will hole sizes from 50mm to 152mm and hole depths of 3 to 31 meters.

Applications include:

  • Standard blast hole drilling
  • Anchoring and rock bolting
  • Rough terrain drilling and
  • Trenching


  • Ability to drill multiple holes from one position, 360°
  • Stability
  • Safety/pre-split and toe holes
  • Fully automatic drilling


If you are looking for surface drill rigs for sale for your next project, let the team at Monty Products help you out. Contact us today on +61 8 9248 7007.

CPA Extend

With a CPA Montabert drilling attachment, your hydraulic excavator can be used for drilling as well as loading, trenching and demolishing. Its applications also include blasting for quarry holes, trenches and road opening, utility works, anchoring, rock bolting and draining, as well as rough terrain construction and high reach drilling.

Montabert drifters are known worldwide for having the longest maintenance intervals, for their reliability, faster drilling speed and the lowest tools consumption. Associated with Montabert drill controls, they provide straight holes, the best productivity and easy drilling in difficult locations.

CPA 225

With a CPA Montabert drilling attachment, your hydraulic excavator can be used for drilling as well as loading, trenching and demolishing. This easy-to-use attachment allows you to transition simply between applications and can be easily transported between job sites.

Micro CPA 360

A CPA Montabert drilling attachment also allows you to use your hydraulic excavator for drilling loading, trenching and demolishing. It can be used on compact excavators, skid-steer loaders and compact backhoe loaders. With a 360 ° drill rotation this attachment is ideal for projects that required a seamless transition between horizontal, vertical and overhead drilling.