Montabert medium-range hydraulic rock breakers are designed for use on large backhoe loaders and medium-size excavators. With superior power-to-weight ratios, these breakers effectively excavate, break oversize boulders, and demolish concrete. Key benefits include:

Automatic lubrication system: Constant lubrication improves life span of wear parts and components.
Blank fire protection system: Provides a cushion of oil that reduces damage on all wear parts.
Secured hydraulic connections: HP and LP hoses are connected on swivels. This articulated system improves hose lifespan and greatly reduces hose breakage risks.
Low-sound: The medium series breakers are silenced, with very low noise levels.

  • 8–18 t carrier weight range
  • 730 kg breaker operating weight
  • 80–140 l/min oil flow range
  • 15–25 t carrier weight range
  • 1,120 kg breaker operating weight
  • 100–150 l/min oil flow range